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Why use polymer plastic or advanced material screws?

Advanced materials and polymer plastic screws have many benefits over traditional steel screws such as:

  1. 1.Low gravity and very light weight (polymer plastic) of about 1/5 to 1/6 vs. metal screws

  2. 2.High electric resistance and strong electric insulation for plastic screws

  3. 3.Corrosion-proof characteristics for plastic screws

  4. 4.Thermal conductivity is minimal with good adiabatic performance for plastic screws

  5. 5.Anti-magnetic characteristics for plastic screws

For more details on the specific properties of each material, click here.

Where are polymer plastic or advanced material screws being used today?

These materials are being used in electronic devices around the world such as mobile phones, radiation equipment, chemical processing, aerospace and many other key markets.  To find out more about the markets and usage of these materials, click here.

Are these materials certified?

Each material is tested to industry standards.  For specific materials, please click here.

For PEEK ROHS, click here.

What are the cost advantages of these materials vs. stainless steel?

Polymer plastic screws are very cost effective in relation to their advanced properties.  Depending on the size of the screw, polymer plastic materials such as PEEK are less expensive than stainless steel screws (i.e. for very small size screws).

How fast can I receive my order?

We normally take 5-7 business days to ship your order once we receive final approval.  However, we can also expedite critical orders.

Can I get volume discounts?

Yes, we offer volume discounts to large OEM and distributors.  To get more information, please click here.

How can I get these products anywhere in the world?

We can ship and fulfill to anywhere in the world, except for Japan where our manufacturer has established key distribution partners in country.

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